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Enjoy a walkthrough of one of my most recent shows by clicking on the interactive showcase above. Special thanks to Douglas Monsalve and his company Opulux Studios for documenting this show.


Animation Project

In the 2014-2015 school year, selected students from four different campuses joined together to collaborate on an animated short film titled, “Let’s Travel.” Abelitoart Appreciation presented this project to Texas ACE 21st century within the Pasadena Independent School District and with their support began the film’s production. The residency introduced two professional artists to each campus to teach students the process of making an animated short film. The students in participation were from Dobie High School, Miller Intermediate School, Morales Elementary, and Parks Elementary. The entire project took one year to complete. 

To give you some perspective as to why the film took an entire year to finish, each scene of the animation is composed of multiple layers of paintings. In movies, each second is made up of 24 individual pictures shown in sequence at a high speed. For our animation, that meant 24 individual paintings had to be made to complete one second of video. Our opening sequence of numbers counting down (5....4...3...2...1...) took two months to complete with a full intermediate class. The historical facts in the animation were discussed in class while storyboarding for the film. The students themselves performed the voices you hear in the movie. Under the tutelage of the resident artists, the students also took art lessons in color theory and design in order to choose and paint color schemes for the entire film. Every student's participation in this animated short was essential to its completion and success. "Let's Travel" is an educational collaborative art animated video produced by Abelitoart Appreciation. This film is intended for educational purposes and for private viewing only. It is not intended for public viewing or for profit gain. All situations in this film are fictional aside from narrative on facts of the states described. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.