Feb. 20, 201

Two weeks ago, a good friend contacted me about doing some commission work for him and I was pumped on his request. He said he was digging the luchador stuff and requested something along the lines of "old-school psychedelic." It was simple and gave me the freedom to do work in my own way. Whenever things don't go this smoothly, I end up loathing commissioned work, but I thoroughly enjoyed creating this drawing and sending it off to a good place. Thanks Miguel! 

Along the way I tried the best I could to document the process. I'm getting better at it, I promise. I just need to be more consistent with how I document it, therefore, please excuse the shitty lighting of the cellphone pics. 

Left to right, you'll find one concept that didn't make the cut. (probably because it's a bit homo-erotic. Then again, isn't all of wrestling?) The rest is a process from pencils to dip pen inks. 

Commissions are still open. Shoot me a message: