A native of two cities, Ivan Camarena’s work details early influences and experiences of being raised in a border town. His relationship between the cities of Tijuana and San Diego have heavily influenced the themes and subject matter in the artist’s work. Without hesitation, Ivan adopts different styles, materials, and methods of execution to suit his ideas.

After the completion of his undergraduate studies at San Diego State University and a series of exhibitions in both Mexico and the US, a desire for new experiences led Ivan to Los Angeles. For two years he immersed himself in digital practices including photography, commercial printing, and photo editing. Following his stay in LA, the artist made a swift transition to Houston in 2013 as part of an artist residency involving education. It's in Houston where Ivan continues to improve his craft and allows new experiences to influence his work.


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For larger projects, such as painting installations, mural work, or educational workshops, please contact Straight Line Collaborative. Straight Line, run by two artists including myself,  is a company meant to execute projects that are too large for a single person. Read more about it here.